All the seasons in one day!

23rd March 2019

An amazing day, within the space of a few hours I experienced the full range of  emotions and mountain weather, four season in on day! From brilliant sunshine to strong winds with blustery showers and poor visibility. That is Scotland though, its spring like in the glen but there is now quite lot of snow again on the mountain tops although windward aspects are blown well clear and high wind sheltered slopes, coire rims and gully tops have quite a lot of snow. It felt cold in the wind but in general it has been a nice enough day on the hill but it has clouded over on the tops this afternoon.

Nice and clear as I approached Creag Dhubh, Beinn Eighe this morning.

Then the visibility was poor at times.

….and then it was clearer again but felt cold in the wind.

…..and just as the thought processes are suggesting that it is a nice enough spring like day and its  safe enough to wander about wherever on the snow……. the evidence confronts us!  Two shears in the snow pack. One at around 4 centimetres and the second deeper one at 12 centimetres down. The first one was on Graupel and the second deeper one was more stubborn but released on Clustered grains within the snow pack and we are reminded by nature, to have respect for our mountains and to make our mountaineering decisions based on the evidence we see around us not just on our emotions.

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