Busy in the Fannaichs

23rd February 2018

There was a surprising number of vehicles parked at the access points into the mountains today. But, I shouldn’t be surprised considering the good walking conditions (firm snowpack at all levels) and the great weather. Even the wildlife is more active! Still, it was a cold day with a strong SSE wind at summit levels and a high windchill despite the sun. There is a significant haze in the air which is most likely atmospheric industrial pollution from Europe and dare I say it, England! Consider the source airflow and track of our current high pressure weather. The centre of the high (at midday today) is over Denmark, with a strong Easterly airflow tracking from eastern Europe, through Germany, becoming a South-Easterly over England and up the west coast to the Torridon area.

Good snowcover in the Fannaichs above the 500 metre snowline. Patchy cloud, occasionally hugging the higher summits.

Meall an t-Sithe, at only 600m height and the site of todays snow profile, is a wonderful vantage point with 360 degree views to the surrounding mountains.

A caterpillar slowly moving across the snow. So I did the right thing……

A pair of Golder Eagles (honest!) flying high over Meall an t-Sithe.

The snowcover on An Teallach.

Looking over the Fain to the Beinn Dearg hills. The A832 across the Fain from Braemore to Dundonnell is also known as ‘Destitution Road’ after the clearances when folk were relocated to the east using this way through the hills – refugees from the west coast.


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  • ian shiell
    26th February 2018 7:51 am

    Destitution road was so-called because it was built as a poor-relief scheme i.e. to provide work for cash to stave off starvation. This is my understanding.

    • torridonadmin
      26th February 2018 3:10 pm

      And they say maybe thats why they are dualing the A9 now… to keep folks in work…..

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